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“It is lightness which truly defines equestrian art and simultaneously shows the rider who has mastered it the true scope of his talents.”
Nuno Oliveira

Sonja Weber Reitkunst –
Considerate training
and riding in harmony

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“Dressage is for the horses” – this is the motto by which I design my training work. Every type of horse can develop a healthy carrying capacity and thus harmony and lightness are possible. Collection is something natural and achievable for every rider. In my film series “Riding in Collection for Healthy Horses and Lightness” i show what collection is and how it can be achieved.

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Riding in Collection: The film
series based on my books

The film series “Riding in Collection for Healthy Horses and Lightness” is based on my successful books. By working your horse in collection and thus improving its weight-carrying ability, you can keep it healthy well into old age!

Outstanding and in pioneer position is the didactical mediation of teaching contents! Through slow-motion, still images, auxiliary lines, detail and drone shots, important, forgotten knowledge of the old masters and new findings are cleverly prepared and vividly presented.

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The film series is based on my books “Klassische Arbeit an der Hand” and “Versammlung für gesunde Pferde und Reiten in Leichtigkeit”, published by Müller-Rüschlikon-Verlag.

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Riding in Légèreté –
Training work for
horse and rider

Riding is a wonderful passion that can develop the body and mind of both rider and horse. Based on the methods of the Franco-Iberian tradition of “Légèreté”, the training leads to a dialogue with the horse in “freedom on a word of honour”.

A solid knowledge of physiology, anatomy, biomechanics (including the important rotations of the spine), behaviour, psychology and pedagogics forms the basis of the training, which is built up systematically and successively. Exercises are not fixed but chosen flexibly and very conscientiously, adapted to the respective strengths and weaknesses of horse and rider. As a result, the horse is gymnasticized very thoroughly and effectively.

The method excludes using training aids or any means of coercion. The concept as a whole is characterised by a high degree of mindfulness, precision as well as a good combination of feeling and technique. Parameters such as balance, relaxation and impulsion are meaningfully coordinated and adjusted to match any situation.

As the key to the weight-carrying ability of the horse, appropriate work in collection secures the horse’s wellbeing and health well into old age. Harmonious dressage training is the principal factor that ensures or restores organic health and emotional balance. A veterinarian should not be a regular visitor but an occasional guest.

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“The quality of movement makes all the difference!
It’s all about the ‘how’ of an exercise to be mastered with slowness and voluntariness.” Sonja Weber

Sonja Weber has schooled horses, riders, and trainers in the tradition of lightness near Frankfurt/Main, Germany, for more than 25 years.
“From the basics up to high school work”, keeping the horse healthy represents the key concern of the training.

Marialva  *27*
Happy Birthday!

Marialva – healthy and lively at a ripe old age through correct training!

In order to develop its weight-carrying ability, the horse must be guided into collection. Then it will remain completely fit, motivated and strong!

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